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Devdas Menon's Lecture at Adyar Convention

Jan 05, 2012 03:03 PM
by MKR

Early in his talk, Devdas Menon, a Professor,  made a telling comment. He
said that this is the first time he lectured to an audience whose average
age is 50 years. All the years he is used to lecture to young students.

So the question is why TS is not attracting younger members? Did the GC
meeting discuss the need to attract younger members? World over, the
membership has been shrinking with no end in sight, while the bank balances
becoming fatter and Sections accumulating valuable real estate properties.
We have an aging President and has the GC discussed how to deal with

I hope the elected leaders start addressing these serious issues critical
to the survival of TS in the long run.


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