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Masters' meeting at Lake Louise

Jan 03, 2012 09:30 PM
by MKR

There is a new book. Teachings of the Great Brotherhood of Light: in Their
Own Words - 205 page book published in 2011 by the Sanctus Germanus
Foundation of Alberta, Canada. The author is âAmanuensisâ who is Michael P.

It is claimed that in November, 2009 Mau was called up to Lake Louise
(which is in Canada) for what has been an annual meeting with the Masters.
St. Germain, El Morya, Kuthumi, HPB, and others. One of the many projects
we discussed was the Mahatma Letters, as the need to resurrect the
teachings contained therein in order to establish as sort of baseline of
their philosophical teachings before more teachings were introduced for the
coming New Age.

This is the first time I hear that the Masters are meeting with this guy
annually. Would it not be nice if Mau cared to send a email to theos-talk
so that some of us would have taken the opportunity to be at the annual
meeting at least as silent observers.

I am sure that the Masters would not have minded any of us - ardent
students of theosophy who spend a lot of time discussing and helping others
on Internet (this is where current action is)  - being present at the
meeting. Mau did not disclose if any of the elected leaders from the
theosophical organizations were there at the meeting. I guess, probably not
- they are far too tied up managing the money and property accumulated over
the years.

I will be looking forward to a digital copy of the book which will have a
much wider circulation than printed book.


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