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Any news about the GC Meeting???

Jan 03, 2012 10:47 AM
by MKR

The General Council of TS is the governing body and annually it meets on
Dec 25 at Adyar. While TS is a democratic body, greatest secrecy surrounds
the General Council proceedings. The agenda is never published. None of the
members talk about it either. All this works to the benefit of the GC
members. Many of us remember the failed ultra secret attempt to
disenfranchise all of us in the election of the International President.
The proponents tried to take advantage of the secrecy.

Even the brief minutes gets published months and months after the meeting
and not much can be discovered of any important discussions that went on.
The only crumb that came out this yearâs meeting  is the confirmation of
the committee recommendation of using the Damodar Gardens by the Olcott
School thus making the K School to move out when the lease expires.

Has anyone heard anything else important?


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