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Re: TS - History of a Spiritual Movement - Jeffrey D Lavoie - A must

Jan 02, 2012 07:03 PM
by Mark Jaqua

I say Three Cheers! on getting the scans of The Theosophist and Lucifer online, for which Blavatsky was editor of. These are the most important of early Theosophical magazines and Well Done! too. I wondered who did the scanning and see you say the Reigles did it, who were also responsible, I believe, for the reprints of the first 2 vols. of the Theosophists done about 20 years ago. I was gratified to see them, and thought At Last!

What other Magazines are Available: - At least 5 years ago, I'd say, The Pasadena Theosophical Society, Theosophical University Press, >< , put online scans of the 120 issues of Judge's "The Path," - the 2nd most important of the early magazines, I'd say - "The Path" was the "Buddhi" to Blavatsky's "Manas" of "The Theosophist," as I believe HPB said somewhere. - I used TUP's .pdf scans from online, OCRed them, and formatted them, and put text/pdf version of all 120 issues of The Path on >< several years ago. The txt/pdf files are readable in most e-readers while the scans/pdf files the e-readers have trouble with. They are in one-volume per file format - some of the volumes have some format problems, but all verbatim. [I've also done txt/pdf versions from OCRed scans of all Victor Endersby's "Theosophical Notes," Zirkoff's "Theosophia,", from Edmonton TS reprints, 2 vols of Hargrove's "Theosophy," several vols. of "Universal Brotherhood" (TUP online scans), about 300 issues of "Canadian Theosophist," my 42 issues of "Protogonos," about 100 issues of "Eclectic Theosophist," and what else, I forget, - most all the latter acessible, last time I looked, from Blavatsky Archives Online in the "magazine" section, and some elsewhere online. For this work, I haven't received "funding" from anyone (like the "Theosophist" and "Lucifer" project hasn't either), and belong to no organization.]

>< also has online scans of "Universal Brotherhood" magazine and also all the "Theosophical Paths," in a somewhat edited format. The latter was a big magazine published monthly for about 30 years and is a huge amount of material and scanning work, with a lot hidden gems in it. I am grateful to Pasadena for putting all these scans online.

                                           - jake j.


3a. Re: TS - History of a Spiritual Movement - Jeffrey D Lavoie - A must
   Posted by: "MKR" ramadoss226
   Date: Sat Dec 31, 2011 9:58 am ((PST))

In spiritual and even in daily matters, Ingratitude is a serious crime and
few realize how serious it is. The Inner Founders of TS, repeatedly told
Sinnett and others to impress on them on this critical issue.

So I would be remiss if I do not mention about the heavy lifting done by
David and Nancy Reigle in the scanning projects. They had painstakingly
collected excellent photo copies of early issues of Theosophist and when
scanning to digital files was mentioned, they enthusiastically followed
through and scanned all the photo copies in a very short time. Marc
Demarest and Joe provided the technical leadership and their time to
convert the scanned files to form loadable to our server and make them
downloadable. In addition technical help was provided by many and I am
requesting Joe to post a followup listing everyone behind the project so
that we do not miss the efforts of many volunteers here.

Jeff sent me a note commending this blog post and added that very many
others have been helped by what we have made available here.
This particular instance convinces me that a small group of dedicated and
committed volunteers can get things achieved most efficiently and
effectively with very little funding. Whatever funding that is needed in
the Internet era, was taken care of by the few volunteers. Keep tuned for
more projects.

On Fri, Dec 30, 2011 at 10:16 PM, MKR <> wrote:


A new book titled The Theosophical Society: The History of a Spiritual
Movement has been published by Jeffrey D Lavoie. First 25 pages can be
found at:


While I have not had a chance to access the full book, it appears that it
is a well researched publication and hence anyone interested in the history
of TS should read it.

Something that is to be noticed is the author's acknowledgement of the
value of the digital copies of the early issues of The Theosophist
available on Theosophy Network ( and his personal
appreciation of the help given by Joe Fulton, whose brain child the Network is. The author also has acknowledged the valuable suggestions given by many
members of the Theosophy Network.

The above bodes well for the future of Theosophy Network. It is independent
and is not financially or otherwise supported or controlled by any
organization and its success owes is due to the labors of committed
volunteers world-wide. It is also one of the very few free open forums on
Internet where matters relating to theosophy, brotherhood, spirituality can
be discussed. It just demonstrates what is possible in Internet era by a
few dedicated volunteers. Many expect it to be a pioneer in the Internet
era. And it needs support of everyone interested in the above topics.


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