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Dec 31, 2011 08:36 PM
by t_s_theosophist

Spring Semester 2012 
Come And Study Theosophy With Us This Spring. 

Spring Semester 2012 

By James Perkins 

With the dawn, landing barges filled with American assault troops were approaching an enemy held beach of an island in the Pacific. Dampened and chilled and filled with a natural awe and that dread tension preceding action, the men gazed expectantly toward their objective. The sky rapidly lightened as the sun arose and amidst the clouds and rain washed heavens a burst of color arched perfectly above the island. 

Exaltation swept the men as this phenomenon of the rainbow drew their gaze upward, and one was heard to murmer: "Nothing to fear, this trip will be o.k." That soldier could not be sure that he would survive the landing operation yet somehow he knew that "all was well." In the celestial symbol he had glimpsed that "Invisible Bridge" which links the deathless, ever triumphant spirit of man to his lonely, vulnerable, mortal self. The high moment had revealed that indeed all IS well. 

Like those barge loads of soldiers the whole community of mankind moves amidst a twilight of apparent lonliness from one exposed position to another in physical existence. We do not often behold the "Invisible Bridges" that link us steadfastly to the Eternal, yet occasionally they are seen and new strength and courage are born. 

Of what is a rainbow composed? Drops of water falling earthward suddenly illumined by the sun's rays ---yes, raindrops of experience upon which there gleams momentairly the light of Infinite Spirit. The Bridge Invisible has become visible to our eyes and experience which yesterday was weary routine or fearful 
trial is today the glorious march of unconquerable spirit. 

There are persons who gain the magic power to materialize with varying degrees of skill these Invisible Bridges between Spirit and mortal self. Among such persons are those who penetrate deeply into the Ancient Wisdom of Theosophy. Wherever a Theosophist dwells, occasions arise when, seen or sensed, this arched Pathway of the Eternal inspires faith and hope, and the joyous awareness that "all is well." 

Why is this? Because he who studies Theosophy reaches a firm knowledge of the Plan of Evolution, immortality becomes his companion infinity his domain; the prison world no longer contains him completely. When Theosophists gather in conference and Lodge Meeting the world of the Real draws near, the invisible is less veiled, the bridges are seen again and again. The outpouring of sacrificial action that has made these gatherings possible brings its lasting revelation. Individual members profit , each in his own way. 

Has that revelation come to you through a speaker, a particular text, or through the smile of a friend? Somehow woven within the fabric of the combined experience, a new thread of insight has appeared,; you KNOW your truth with new conviction. 

Tommorrow in your own circle, you will move with greater assurance, with deeper calm; your presence will silently encourage the more faint-hearted, allay the forebodings of the suspicious, brighten the heavens for worn and haggard. Trembling upon the verge of visibility your rainbow bridge will hearten all of us who are making together this evolutionary assault upon new beachheads of progress. 

Thus imperishible bridges link us with the Real. They enable us to face forward together with a joyous courage and the firm knowledge that our work is good. 

As we enter `this new cycle let each membr draw upon his own greatness of thought and nobility of action to nourish and strengthen our Cause. 

To those who doubt the value of your effort, or ask "What shall I do?" this can be your answer...... 


When I study Theosophy my Buddhist brother, my Mohammedan brother understand their Christian neighbor a little better. When I study Theosophy the racial barriers between African and White, between Jew and Gentile, between Asiatic and American become less formidable. When I study Theosophy the cruel walls between nations crumble. When I study Theosophy the heavy pall of ugliness and mediocrity thins, and Angels of Beauty and Mercy walk abroad. When I study Theosophy all creatures of Nature weep silently with Thanksgiving. When I study Theosophy the heart of Mankind is exalted with lasting joy. When I study Theosophy God opens a new page of His plan for the worlds. 


We invite you to register for the Spring 2012 Semester of Classes in Basic Theosophy. 

Saturday afternoons 3:00 P.M. to 4:30 P.M. Ten weeks. 


February 4,  Indroduction and February 11, The Divine Plan        February 18, Man and His Bodies 
February 25, Life After Death 
March    3,  Reincarnation 
March    10, Semester Break
March    17, Karma
March    24, Monad,Ego,Personality March    31, Universal Brotherhood April    7,  The Power of Thought 
April    14, The Question of Evil, Conclusion and wrap up. 

Classes build upon a sequential understanding so students should commit to attending every class or there will be a "hole" in their perception. 


Send us your Name, Address, Phone number, and E-Mail, stating that you would like to attend the classes. A $20.00 non-refundable fee must accompany your request. This covers books and study materials, there are no other charges. 

Donations are always welcome. 
Previous Graduate Students of the Class may attend without any fees as long as they have their own textbooks. Donations are always welcome. 

Mail your registration along with your check to: 
The Theosophical Society 
1606 New York Ave. 
Orlando, Florida, 32803-1838 

[ Make checks payable to: 
The Thesophical Society] 

All classes will be held on our campus. 
For directions go to Mapquest and enter zipcode 32803 

We have limited space and only 10 new students will be accepted for this classtime. Acceptance in on a first come first serve basis. In the event that we have reached our quota, your check will be returned. 

We hope that you can be with us for this enriching Spiritual experience as together we explore the Continent of Thought known as "Theosophy." 

Phone:  407-898-1064 



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