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136th International Convention - Live streaming???

Dec 31, 2011 10:13 AM
by MKR

One of the disappointments of many theosophists is that the 136th
International Convention at Adyar was not live broadcast on Internet. It
may be recalled that the 10th International Congress in Rome was live

Adyar is located in the city of Chennai in South India. Chennai is the hub
of Internet and computer activities in India and the city has all the
technical expertise needed to live broadcast the International Conference.

Theosophical Society still commands high esteem in India. In Indian
environment it is very easy to get assistance from corporations such as TCS
and other big players in IT to help live streaming. All it needs is to
contact them. There are many theosophists who have back channel contacts at
the highest levels in India. In the circumstances it is a pity that no one
thought of live streaming.

There is also a built-in resistance to use Internet in TS world-wide. TS is
not at the leading edge of using the technology. It is at the trailing
edge. This can be due to most leaders are very very old folks - who may be
highly spiritual, dedicated and street smart - but do not see the big
elephant in the room. Not making use of Internet is really hurting the
spread of theosophy. Membership statistics speak loudly; continuing
shrinkage world-wide except for India, while bank balances are getting
fatter and in the opinion of many members, managing money and property
seems to consume all the attention and energy of elected leaders.

I hope some of the leaders are following what we discuss here and consider
urgently what can be done to use Internet for spreading the message of
theosophy. TS was started for this purpose and not for fattening the bank
balance and accumulating property.


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