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What a pity?

Dec 27, 2011 10:17 PM
by MKR

International Convention of TS is in progress now at Adyar. Since last
year, a daily bulletin is posted on the Adyar website I
think browsing the daily bulletins give some idea of the programs.

In the Dec 28th bulletin, there is a mention about the American Section.
When I read it, I almost fell off the chair! Here is what is reported:

The American Section is still by far the largest after the Indian Section,
and increased its membership to 3328â.  A big project of the Section was
the installation of a Security Camera system in the main building and the

Two things jumped at me. The membership at 3328 is a pity. During Dora's
time, it was 8,000. Under the able leaders who followed her, all we saw was
membership going south. Current number is nothing to be elated about.

The second item - Security Camera System. It is a routine matter. In my
office building the system was installed in a weekend. How this is
furthering theosophy in the USA, God only knows!

I had earlier mentioned that, our lodge which is in 7th largest city in the
USA has never seen any elected officials during last decade. The lodge does
not have any money or building. If it had valuable property or money in the
bank, may be the top leaders would have been here to see what is going on
and what can be done to improve.

What is in store in the future for the Section, who can see???   Any
astrologers here???


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