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TS Adyar nor renewing K School Lease

Dec 25, 2011 02:51 PM
by MKR

It may be recalled that some time back TS decided not to renew the lease
for Krishnamurti School located in Damodar Gardens in the Adyar TS Estate
as it was planned to be used for expansion of the Olcott Memorial School
catering to the poor children in the nearby villages. Krishnamurti School
was asked to vacate the premises in 2014. However there were some efforts
from the K school to renew the lease.

The General Council of TS which met on Dec 25 defeated an attempt to renew
the lease. Here is the news item.


Many theosophists are glad that the General Council acted this way. It says
something about practical theosophy.

Readers should be reminded that K school is very expensive and only fatcats
can afford. Most of us cannot afford to send our childer to K school.

The expansion of Olcott Memorial School to offer vocational education is
laudable. It is going to benefit the poor students from nearby fishermen
village and is in line with the philosophy of theosophy in serving the poor
and needy.

At least for once, I applaud the General Council using some common sense.
Secondly, usually proceedings of the General Council used to be treated as
the greatest secret. This important news has leaked out of the GC meeting.


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