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Some thoughts for the coming year

Dec 24, 2011 08:29 AM
by MKR

One of the very valuable resources at the disposal of those interested in
theosophy, are the letters from the thesophical Adepts. Many of them
contain many very practical advise or suggestions given to the recipient.
They have universal application. Many of them are good today even after
more than a century. Here is one I came across today and I think it is a
very practical and powerful one. (The Adepts want results and not beliefs
or blindly following some one - reminds us of Krishnamurtiâs Truth is a
Pathless Land Statement.)

In Letters from the Masters of the Wisdom, the Master in his letter to
Francesca Arundale gave very beautiful, inspiring and simple advice and
guidance which runs as follows:

To the good of mankind devote your energies. Be a missionary of love and
charity, thus in helping others win your own salvation. There are
innumerable pages of your life record still to be written up; fair and
blank they are as yet . . . seize the diamond pen and inscribe them with
the history of noble deeds, days well-spent, years of holy striving. So
will you win your way ever upward to the higher planes of spiritual
consciousness. Fear not, faint not, be faithful to the ideal you can now
dimly see. . . . Try child, Hope and accept my blessings.


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