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Re: theos-talk Re: SMALL GROUPS

Dec 17, 2011 10:15 AM
by MKR

It all depends on the person who coordinates the small group; I would say
even smaller than 20.. There are routine tasks like scheduling the meeting
etc and if the person is really not interested in becoming a Guru who
dictates and expect implicit obedience, then you will see a very dynamic
group with independent thinkers and not blind followers. Always every
member should be alert to the need for total independence in thinking part
of it. I hope we all try this.

On Sat, Dec 17, 2011 at 9:32 AM, libertyson11 <>wrote:

> **
> A small group with 20-25 members have a tendency of creating Guruism
> *** I don't know of this being true. Put any 7 people together and one
> will tend to emerge as a leader. The need for a leader is universal.
> Put more than that together and as soon as any course of action is decided
> upon the group immediately sets forth a smaller group to spear head and
> organize it.
> "Do any of you who agree upon the existence of the Great Brotherhood of
> the Masters and the Chohans imagine that let us say 5.000 Masters and
> Chohans of the Solar System work only in small groups with 20-25 members in
> each of them?
> The Masters are divide along Ray Service. Morya has 1st Ray chelas,
> SaintGermain has 7th Ray, etc.
> Then chelas form mandalas, or work individually with the Mentor.
> Everywhere action is sought people form small units.
> There is power in larger groups, but they become unwieldly.
> "If, not why not? And why should we do something else than the Masters and
> the Chohans?"
> Chohans operate on a much finer grade of matter, where telepathy rules,
> not cumbersome mortal communication, where thoughts are precipitated
> immediately if desired. Are we in the same boat?
> Judge and HPB succeeded because they had the Brotherhood's energy flowing
> thru them and people felt it. If people feel that vibe, many will be
> attracted.

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