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Dec 17, 2011 07:32 AM
by libertyson11

A small group with 20-25 members have a tendency of creating Guruism 

***  I don't know of this being true.  Put any 7 people together and one will tend to emerge as a leader. The need for a leader is universal. 

Put more than that together and as soon as any course of action is decided upon the group immediately sets forth a smaller group to spear head and organize it. 

"Do any of you who agree upon the existence of the Great Brotherhood of the Masters and the Chohans imagine that let us say 5.000 Masters and Chohans of the Solar System work only in small groups with 20-25 members in each of them? 

The Masters are divide along Ray Service.  Morya has 1st Ray chelas, SaintGermain has 7th Ray, etc. 

Then chelas form mandalas, or work individually with the Mentor. 

Everywhere action is sought people form small units.  

There is power in larger groups, but they become unwieldly. 

"If, not why not? And why should we do something else than the Masters and the Chohans?"

Chohans operate on a much finer grade of matter, where telepathy rules, not cumbersome mortal communication, where thoughts are precipitated immediately if desired. Are we in the same boat?

Judge and HPB succeeded because they had the Brotherhood's energy flowing thru them and people felt it.  If people feel that vibe, many will be attracted. 

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