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Re: theos-talk SMALL GROUPS

Dec 16, 2011 08:19 AM
by M. Sufilight

Dear MKR and friends

My views are:

I wonder whether all kinds of large organisations have great intertia?
If we have say, 500 of the small groups with 20-25 members - and - invite them all the a mutual meeting each year - would that create inertia  or progress? That is one question to consider.
A loosely nitted organisation can, as I see it, easily be large - without being hampered by inertia.
It all depends on what kind of organisational structure you chose. Does it not?

If you have an organisational structure, where the loosely nitted structure is lost - inertia and trouble might arrive when the organisation is operating on this little planet in these times with an information society etc. etc.
In a loosely nitted non-sectarian organisation each Lodge or Center, are autonomous - because of the very non-sectarian structure of the organisation. And this is not such an organisational structure we find in many of the theosophical organisations in our present time. (Mutual-culture is not equal to India-culture - if you get my drift.)
And this aught to be change - so that the non-sectarian element is being kept high on the agenda (!)  It is therefore. at least to a certain degree, a lack of organisational knowledge - together with a lack of an understanding of what a non-sectarian element really is and is not (Pavlov's psychological Conditioning theory or similar related to why people Convert to this or that group and Subtle Mind Control included) - which hampers the spread of the non-sectarian activity of theosophy. This is how I see it. 

What do you think?

I am also in agreement with the idea that small groups of say 20-25 members often are more efficeint in various ways.
--- But, such groups are still small. And their spread almost gives a Sectarian impression as I see it. And that aught to be avoided, if altruism is high on the agenda - because then other much more sinister persons might mimic the idea, yielding bad results. And before we know it we will have thousand of sects on the planet. Something we in fact have, and which is an ongoing thing right now. I prefer a non-sectarian organisational activity and the promotion of non-sectarian ideas - through a loosely nitted structure with almost (if not completely) autonomous centres or lodges. And I think that the Guardians of Wisdom prefer the same.

The quote I gave in my recent post Blavatsky said: 
"Theosophy teaches mutual-culture before self-culture to begin with. Union is strength. It is by gathering many theosophists of the same way of thinking into one or more groups, and making them closely united by the same magnetic bond of fraternal unity and sympathy that the objects of mutual development and progress in Theosophical thought may be best achieved." 

- So why not seek to promote such a thing? Was Blavatsky actually wrong in saying what she said? I think not.
It is when the organisational structure is turned into something bad, that altruism is lost - and inertia creeps in. This is how I see it.
 (Mutual-culture is not equal to India-culture - if you get my drift.)

A small group with 20-25 members have a tendency of creating Guruism (often viewed as fanaticism by outsiders and also sometimes insiders) - and need to take care that such a Guruism - is not ruining the whole main idea with altruism. Do you not think so?
Do any of you who agree upon the existence of the Great Brotherhood of the Masters and the Chohans imagine that let us say 5.000 Masters and Chohans of the Solar System work only in small groups with 20-25 members in each of them? If, not why not? And why should we do something else than the Masters and the Chohans?

I think inertia always are able to creep in - in a world of dualism, when altruism is lost sight of, whether you organize the promulgation of altruism or not.
Handsome is who handsome does. The Society has never claimed that it was perfect - and who can it be so, when the members are not?

I do hope that you understand the idea.

M. Sufilight

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  From: MKR 
  Sent: Thursday, December 15, 2011 7:02 PM
  Subject: Re: theos-talk SMALL GROUPS

  Even in other activities, it is the small group that is nimble and quick to
  yield results. Organizations have great inertia and cannot swing into
  action. TS was built by a small group.

  On Thu, Dec 15, 2011 at 11:24 AM, libertyson11 <>wrote:

  > **
  > Here is an interesting idea from the work of Helena Roerich and Agni Yoga,
  > very possibly the thoughts of Master M:
  > "People do not want to understand group work, which multiplies the forces.
  > The dodecahedron is one of the most perfect structures, with a dynamic
  > power that can resist many assaults. A group of twelve, systematically
  > united, truly can master even cosmic events. It must be understood that the
  > enlarging of such a group can weaken it, undermining the dynamic force of
  > its structure." Agni Yoga, 137
  > Fiery World I, 231
  > Actually, Fire is a unifier. When the fire departs, decomposition
  > immediately sets in. True, in fermentation decomposition accumulates new
  > fire, but this is already a particular conjunction of particles. One should
  > think similarly about each action. It will not be incorrect to say that the
  > expulsion of Fire from thought generates decomposition. When I speak about
  > unifying, I am also presupposing fiery welding. As the caster knows the
  > proper quantity of metal for a group of figures, so does Fire act on the
  > unifying of peoples. This unification can be represented as the creation of
  > one gigantic figure, with all the power of a giant. And we must strive for
  > the formation of these collectives of the spirit. Let us not regard them as
  > artificial Golems. The monster, Golem, remained without the fire of the
  > spirit and therefore destroyed itself. The spirit is a fire-bearing magnet,
  > and it is possible to join to it a portion of the higher energies.

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