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Jiddu Krishnamurti on Religious Organizations

Dec 14, 2011 06:12 AM
by MKR

Jiddu Krishnamurti is known to be a very keen observer of the world around
him. Frequently, his comments wake us up to see situations as they really
are. Here is a quote, I saw this morning which made my day.


To Climb High One Must Begin Low

Religious organizations become as fixed and as rigid as the thoughts of
those who belong to them. Life is a constant change, a continual becoming,
a ceaseless revolution, and because an organization can never be pliable,
it stands in the way of change; it becomes reactionary to protect itself.
The search for truth is individual, not congregational. To commune with the
real there must be aloneness, not isolation, but freedom from all influence
and opinion. Organizations of thought inevitably become hindrances to

As you yourself are aware, the greed for power is almost inexhaustible in a
so-called spiritual organization; this greed is covered over by all kinds
of sweet and official-sounding words, but the canker of avariciousness,
pride and antagonism is nourished and shared. From this grow conflict,
intolerance, sectarianism, and other ugly manifestations.

Would it not be wiser to have small informed groups of twenty or
twenty-five persons, without dues or membership, meeting where it is
convenient to discuss gently the approach to reality? To prevent any group
from becoming exclusive, each member could from time to time encourage and
perhaps join another small group; thus, it would be extensive, not narrow
and parochial.

To climb high one must begin low. Out of this small beginning one may help
to create a more sane and happy world.

J. Krishnamurti, The Book of Life


MKR Comments:

Many of us see the above in theosophical organizations as well. In the
early days, there was no money or property or dogma (formal or informal) to
deal with. TS grew by the sweat and blood and original thinking of a few
pioneers and not because of fatcats who were able to write large checks and
meddle with how it should be spent - old adage, he who pays the piper,
calls the tune. Compared to early days, we see an emaciated organization
with dwindling members and tiny groups around the world. Now the emphasis
is money and property and its management and it seems theosophy and its
propagation is secondary. For example, we have not seen a single elected
official visiting San Antonio in the last ten years. San Antonio is the 7th
largest city in the USA. Why? There is no property or money in the bank.

Even in activities on Internet, the situation is pitiful. No active
interactive involvement in cyberspace nor attempts to make electronic
copies of publications available for free download so eager souls can
access them. Mind you, the number of individuals interested in theosophical
subjects is minuscule and TS was started not accumulate money and property,
but to spread theosophy and make theosophical doctrines available to those
starving for it.


There is no religion higher than Truth.

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