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Re: Some questions about Sinnett's autobiography

Dec 08, 2011 10:44 AM
by paulobaptista_v


Do you consider the information provided by the clairvoyants as truthful as the one Sinnett received in the Letters?

The later books written by Sinnett are ignored by the theosophical community. Isn´t that because in part he had issues with HPB and at sometime even with Besant? And there are other sorts of differences. For example he insisted in his version of that Mercury and Mars debate (i.e that these planets belonged to the Earth chain). Also, the use of mediums would not be something that HPB would advocate...


--- In, "Konstantin Zaitzev" <kay_ziatz@...> wrote:
> --- In, "paulobaptista_v" wrote:
> > Is there any other reference in the ML, or these "other lives" were
> > a piece of information given by the mediums he started to use after
> > he stopped receiving letters from the Masters?
> We cannot know that for sure, as he says in the Autobiography that not all the letters survived. As he writes, the initial information was received from the Masters and was later extended by the clairvoyants. (If he was in position to contact Masters via mediums, there would be no need for him to resort to other sources.)
> > 3) Is any of the books Sinnett wrote after "Incidents in the life of Mme Blavatsky" of value?
> I think that most of them, though they are not very well written, from foreigner's point of view. The more the writer is valued in England for his brilliant English language, the less readable he is for us.
> (So we couldn't get an adequate translation of "Esoteric Buddhism" for more than 100 years.) "Growth of the Soul" seems interesting, though I've just glanced it and haven't began reading yet.

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