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Re: theos-talk Some questions about Sinnett's autobiography

Dec 07, 2011 07:39 PM
by John W

What is the URL for downloading the Autobiography of A P Sinnett, pleas?

John W.

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Subject: theos-talk Some questions about Sinnett's autobiography
Date: Thursday, 8, December, 2011, 1:08 PM



      Some time ago I found on the web the complete autobiography of Alfred Percy Sinnett. I would like to ask some questions, hoping that someone knows the answer to them:

1) Sinnett speaks in his autobiography of several previous lives. In the Mahatma Letters, I can only find a single reference made by Master KH(ML-23B; 93B by chronological order), to a Sinnett´s former life as Nonius Asprenas, in Rome in the end of the 1st century AD. The rest of his lives (mentioned in the autobiography) were in Egypt (two) and the last in England (in Queen Elizabeth's time), this life  "dealing with a totally distinct stream of karma". Is there any other reference in the ML, or these "other lives" were a piece of information given by the mediums he started to use after he stopped receiving letters from the Masters?

2) Has anyone discovered the real name of Mary, the medium Sinnett used for almost 20 years?

3) Is any of the books Sinnett wrote after "Incidents in the life of Mme Blavatsky" of value? I found one called "The rationale of mesmerism". Is it any good? The rest of his books were based in what the mediums told him, right?

It is a bit sad to see what happened to Sinnett and the self-delusion he fell into. 


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