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Col Olcott - 2011 Oration in Ananda College, Sri Lanka

Dec 05, 2011 10:03 PM
by MKR

The contribution of Col Olcott to Sri Lanka is so far reaching that
very few are aware of. In a recent Olcott Oration at the Ananda
College - the premier College in Sri Lanka which was started as the
Buddhist English School in 1886 with Charles Webster Leadbeater as the
Principal and 37 students.

Anyone interested in Olcott and Sri Lanka would do well read the 2011
Oration at the Ananda College by Professor Chandana Wirasinghe. The
full text is at the bottom link. Any theosophist who reads the speech
would understand the qualities that Olcott had which was one of the
reasons that the Adepts chose him to be one of the Founders of TS and
he did not fail in their trust.


Enjoy the lecture.



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