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Advaita ...............

Dec 05, 2011 06:19 AM
by marcus_a_hughes



This I find most perfect.  

God/Goood is the universal intelligent force that created everything, even itself.   How could any mere human being suggest that such a force could limit itself?  Not least to one organisation or religion.  All  `the whole of'  this creation is the creator's purpose.   

Religion fulfils a very human need to belong to something bigger than the illusion of the separated-individual self and an explanation of the unexplainable.  Mankind instinctively knows it came from a spiritual place and it returns to a spiritual place.  But mankind has forgotten how to trust instinct  (hence the fall of Adam).  

What the Gnostics understood was/is  that  God  is everywhere and everything in the universe, in this eternal now.  Only in this sense, is there no separation between man and God.  
This Separation is our delusional illusion of reality.   

The only real temple is now, complete and whole.  
God is the temple and everything within it,  which includes you/me/us, all moving,  shifting as one. 

Our true circumstance of no-duality is a hefty burden for those in love with our delusion of separation and position.
Yet even this illusion has purpose  ???     


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