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Re: theos-talk Svetlana, Josef Stalin's daughter and theosophy

Dec 03, 2011 06:05 PM
by Augoeides-222


There is content online about the Oracle Vanga if you Google Image Search it. I used to have a website link about her, she was an interesting person. Also there is alledged to be a lineage beginning with the followers of the Prophet Mani viz the Manichaeans, then through the Albegensians and then the Bogomils. "The Flaming Thermapoli of the Manichaeans of Mount Segur" can be Googled also. Oracles are a interesting research and go back for many millenia in many cultures. Vanga is relatively recent and shows that oracles were found in western cultures also. One topic I used to be amazed about was the the traditions about the sacred heads of slain Hero's that gave oracles after they were decapitated: Bran the Blessed of ancient Ireland, John the Baptist (brother of Jesus and Elder of the Ancient Mandaeans of Iraq, Narmer the 1st Pharoah of the 1st Dynasty of Egypt, Orpheus The Fisher of Souls, all had their decapitated heads give oracle to their followers after they were put to death. And ofÂthe Christian Jesus there was a legend that Jesus becameÂa type or form of Oracle curiously when communicating of the "upper chamber" where the disciple met. The several Sibylinne Oracles are a study of themselves.ÂThere is a book titled "The Prophecies of Saints Colum-cille, Maeltamlacht, Ultan, Senan, Bearcan and Malachi which is a nice survey of the originations of those "oracles". Anton Johanson The Christian Seer from the Norwegian Finnmark, he lived at the time you mentioned near the 1st world war. 



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Dear MKR and others: 
Many thanks for the news item. 
I wish to supplement it as follows. 
It was in 1962 that I went through the back issues of "The Theosophist". This was about 50 years ago. If I correctly remeber there was a little item which said that the TS was doing relief work in Russia. The date of it was 1924 or 1927. I do not recollect. The resourceful redaers of this forum can throw more light on TS in Communist Russia till it stopped functioning there. 
Secondly,a nother person of interest in the same breath is Lyudmila Todorova Zhivkova, the Bulgarian Communist leader. In www.wikipedia .orgÂ, it is statedÂthat she,"developed overwhelming interests in Eastern culture, New Age matters, religious mysticism, and the occult. As part of this, she developed a very close relationship with "the Petrich Oracle" (Vanga, a famous village clairvoyant), and with thriller writer Bogomil Raynov, son of a renowned Bulgarian theosophist and writer Nikolay Raynov." Who were these father and son is a subject about which I would like to know more. I believe that the resourceful readers of this forum can throw more light. She visited Channai and was at Kalakshetra. I read or heard that she was a vegetarian. 
Thirdly, inÂGeneva, there was a TS leader fromÂRussia, Anna Kamensikaya (spelling may not be correct). She did a thesis on the Bhagavad Gita. I wish that the thesis were available in English on the Internet.ÂWe need to know more about her and her work. 

Fourthly,Ilya Grigoryevich Ehrenburg visited India before 1966. In an article by him I read that he visited the TS in Adyar and complimented Blavatsky for having brought India to the West. 
Jayananda H. Hiranandani 
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Subject: theos-talk Svetlana, Josef Stalin's daughter and theosophy 
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Svetlana, daughter of Josef Stalin died recently in the USA. She had been 
to India and other countries and in a documentary film she says: 

âAll Iâve learnt so far is theosophy, brotherhood of mankind, 

The full article at: 

< > 

I wish Stalin had been exposed to theosophy and affected by its objects. He 
could have done a lot of good and earned a lot of good Karma instead of all 
the atrocities he committed. A century from now, when see the role of 
powerful Russia played in the welfare of the world, may be a different 


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