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Writing on the wall - Book Publishing

Dec 03, 2011 03:16 PM
by MKR

Writing on the wall - Book Publishing

Kodak once one of the top blue chip companies in the USA, is tottering
and is expected to file for bankruptcy. The stock is selling at $1.
All due to the disappearance of film and transition to digital
photography. In a recent article, the writer says:

âKodak, however, markets a process technology; and as the chemistry of
film has yielded to digital electronics, consumer demand for Kodak's
traditional products has evaporated. A similar transition afflicts
newspapers, book publishers, movie studios, broadcasters and record
labels today, but the issues for those industries are different yet.

Their business models are under pressure because they're dependent on
outdated distribution technologies; but their core products
(information, entertainment) are still very much in demand.â

Theosophists are expected to be alert and open minded thinkers who
pick up on trends and act accordingly, mainly due to their emphasis is
improving the lives of Humanity and not money making.

We all have seen how Internet and digital revolution is changing the
production and distribution of information. Distribution of digital
files is very inexpensive, efficient and saves trees, printing and
transportation. We have discussed time and again the great haste
needed to convert all theosophical publications in digital files that
anyone from anywhere in the world can access and benefit by it. But
the movers and shakers in the decision making positions in
theosophical publishing organizations are blind and stone deaf to
changes taking place. They continue to publish pricey books only fat
cats and fanatics can afford to buy.

It is our prayer and hope that the movers and shakers wake up to the
reality of the industry and change from outmoded business model and
keep ahead of the curve.


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