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Uniqueness of TS(Adyar) Setup

Aug 29, 2011 07:55 AM
by MKR

TS organizational setup is so unique that you never see another in either
business or business or politics.

While the Sections and Lodges are chartered by the International body, they
are fully autonomous and the International President has no authority to
interfere in their activities unless their activities violate the rules of
the TS.

The International President is elected directly by members world-wide;
Section heads and lodge officers are elected by its members. This provides
very wide latitude in action to further the three Objects of TS.

It was the genius of the Inner Founders that led to this setup and not from
a democratic input from the members and this has worked very well all these
years. We also need to remember that in the early days, the Society was
closely watched by the Inner Founders and one indication was that chartering
of new lodges had to be approved by Them even though Olcott was life
president and had authority to sign off on Charters.

Most of us who have been in the West have worked with organizations which
are structured totally different and when dealing with TS we forget that
with TS we are dealing with a totally different setup.

Of late we see comments from theosophists - young and old - who seem to
forget this simple fact and try to argue how the International Headquarters
should be micro managed by GC members.

The International President is elected by members world-wide and the General
Council acts as the policy setting body and many of the decisions had to be
approved by it. The GC or its members have no powers to remove the
International President. Once elected, International President takes care of
the day to day administration of the International body as well as the Adyar
Estate with its volunteers and workers. This is a full-time on-hands job and
has worked effectively from the early days and is working well today.

When we look at some of the electioneering that went on in 2008 and the ill
fated ultra-secret attempt to disenfranchise the membership in electing the
International President and a handful of General Council members trying to
seize the power to appoint the International President, thus making the
President a puppet in the hands of a few, one cannot but wonder if the GC
members were envious of the International President and itching to
micro-manage the affairs at Adyar.

To this day, the proponents of the above course of action have not explained
or convinced members world-wide why such super secret attempt was made and
if it was a mistaken venture, then, no unconditional apology has been made.

Today, with Internet, it is very easy, quick and cheap to disseminate any
statement or information and forums such as theos-talk could be used for
free. (Have you not seen organizational theosophists have been for years
avoiding using the Internet forums outside their control and continue to do

Once the members elect the International President, the President has to be
given a free hand to make decisions that in the judgement of the President
is in the best interests - short term and long term. We may not agree with
all the decisions since we do not have all the facts behind the decisions.
If there is any egregious violation of the International Rules or Indian
laws applicable TS in Adyar, then there are courses of action that the
General Council and even individual members can pursue.

We should remember that there are many long time, dedicated and committed
members in Chennai and India, who witness all the actions going on in Adyar
and they will be first ones to push for action and since TS is a non profit
organization, every member has a right to move a court of law into action in
public interest.

Those who cry for micro management, instead of making statements, should
convince members the reasons behind them. In the Internet age, forums not
controlled by any organization is there to quickly disseminate information
and recent experience has shown that members have been mobilized when action
is needed.


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