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Next International Vice President - TS(Adyar)?

Aug 27, 2011 06:15 AM
by MKR

Next International Vice President - TS(Adyar)?

In the cyberspace, it is reported by an unofficial source that the Linda
Oliveira, the current International Vice President is leaving the office and
going back soon to Australia, her native country.

We have not seen any announcement of the successor. Per the rules, the
International President nominates the candidate and the General Council
votes and approves the appointment. We do not know if already a nomination
has been submitted to the General Council and voting is in progress. I would
not be surprised if this is in fact the current situation considering how
matters involving GC is kept in great secret from the membership even though
TS was setup as a democratic organization. (I wish to remind of the warning
given by KH in his 1900 letter about unnecessary secrecy killing
organizations, which seems to have been overlooked by all leaders. TS is the
baby of Masters M and KH and so They are interested in its long term

The 2008 election of International President brought into focus the great
need for younger leadership. Both the candidates were octogenarians and age
prevented them from vigorous traveling and lecturing around the world.

In the past, the presidents and vice presidents were well known around the
world because of their travels and lectures and writings. We have not seen
any such candidate in the theosophical horizon today. While it is sad such a
situation has developed over a period of time, it is not too late. I would
look forward for some younger person who will travel around the world and
lecture on theosophical subjects. While we have modern communication tools
such as Internet, there is no substitute to personal travel and lecturing to
vivify the activities of lodges. Talk to any politician anywhere in the
world, they will tell you that personal visit is essential.

The only silver lining I see today was the fact that in the 2008
International Election, in spite of very clever planning and electioneering,
members were not mislead and voted to re-elect sitting president, simple
because Internet was there to keep members abreast of the facts. A major
catastrophe was also averted by the timely discovery of the ultra secret
attempt by a handful of GC members to surprise members by disenfranchising
them from voting for the International Presidentâs election and making the
GC members seize power to appoint the International President. Again this
was possible because of Internet communications which is outside the control
of the organization and its leaders. But for Internet, you can think of the
catastrophic developments that would have taken place by keeping the
membership in the dark, which is the typical mode of operation of the GC
since the time of Annie Besant.

Let us keep tuned and see who will be the next VP.


There is no Religion Higher than Truth

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