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On the Watch Tower (from The Theosophist) On-line

Aug 23, 2011 06:22 AM
by MKR

Now, at least âOn the Watch Towerâ segment of the Theosophist is online at website. The Watch Tower from August 2011 is now online and
it is a welcome news.

In it, there is a discussion of the word theosophy and it has been pointed
out that in the Mahatma Letters, it appears only seven times. This is
important because, there are many honest and sincere adherents with fixed
ideas about theosophy just like fixed ideas in religions. With fixed ideas,
you run into the problem of believers and non-believers and in
organizational matters, this plays great significance.

In closing sentence of the Watch Tower, the International President says:

It is very important that we realize that
the work of the Society is to establish a
Universal Brotherhood, not to proclaim
what is Theosophy.

You can read the full item at:


Many who have been active on Internet have noticed that over the past more
than a decade, TS and its leaders world-wide, for whatever reason, seems to
have avoided taking advantage of Internet as an effective tool to
communicate with members and public. (If HPB were to be alive today, we
would have seen constant release of writings on Internet on varied topics.)

TS/Theosophy was known to be pioneer in the early days and it is a pity that
we have been missing the boat. Fortunately, there are independent forums on
the Internet run by individuals where those interested in theosophy
congregate and discuss. However, if you visit any of them, you will never
see any of the âorganizationalâ theosophists on them, which is very
interesting and you can make your own guess why.


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