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Re: theos-talk Dance Revival in India by Rukmini Arundale - 75th Anniversary

Aug 21, 2011 11:34 AM
by Augoeides-222

Dr. Thakur Jaideva Singh in his book "Indian Music" 1995 has mentions in various pages that seem to associate the Ragamala with "Ragamala" paintings that present the Sarasvati and other pantheon personages in Dakini school paintings. The Pandit Visnu Narayana Bhatkhande in 1914 published works named Raga-mala and also Raga-manjari of Pundarika Vithala. Maybe if you Google Image search "Raga-mala Dakini Paintings" you can find some details that help. Also the Raga-mala seem to be associated with a more ancient Druva-pada music that had sevenfold organizations in it's musical structure, Druva is the "pole star" derived from the verb root "dhru" to be firm or fixed. The age of our present Druva is intimately connected with the cycles of the Root Races. (ref.: Sanskrit Keys to the Wisdom Religion- Judith Tyberg., 1940. Shiva as Cosmic Axis Pole Dances and Drums the Cosmic Sphuratta (Gleam: a throb like gleam of absolute Freedom of the Divine bringing about the world-process; Spanda, the light of the spirit. Spanda: Throb in the motionless Siva which brings about the manifestation, maintenance, and withdrawal of the universe; svatantrya sakti' , creative pulsation. (ref.: "Spanda Karika" Jaideva Singh.) Dance (Raga) is the drama of creation itself that is a codified complex ancient inheritance in India and other nations. 


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where does Ragamala fit into the traditions? 

On 8/21/2011 8:50 AM, MKR wrote: 
> Rukmini Devi Arundale started the revival of the Indian Dance - Bharatha 
> Natya when she performed at the Theosophical Convention at Adyar in 1936. 
> She established Kalakshetra Academy which is now a University and it is 
> celebrating 75th anniversary of the revival. To give you an idea of how 
> popular the dance is in the USA, all the major cities in the USA has dance 
> schools and most first generation immigrants from India, invariably send 
> their daughters to be trained in it. You can read about the celebration 
> scheduled in Mumbai. 
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> MKR 
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