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Re: theos-talk Re: Ernest Wood's comments on Krishnaji

Aug 19, 2011 07:54 AM
by M. Sufilight

I agree almost entirely with the below.

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  Things have changed little in the last 120 years: 
  "Meanwhile, as the bitterest critics of the "leaders" of the Theosophical Society are by no means only outsiders, but as there are members of that society who always find a pretext to be dissatisfied..." by HPB, from the article below.

  I imagine I'll not be alone in thinking our contributor is sadly, wildly! mistaken to say that HPB cared nothing for Brotherhood, and "paid lip service to it" - the accusation would be serious if it wasn't so far out of court, by any reasonable consideration of those who know the history of her life and the philosophy she taught (and PRACTICED). 

  One can only assume Max, where ever he is, thinks he will have a joke at the expense of all reasonable students of the philosophy. Maybe it's just the August silly season...

  HPB's life was an example of the greatest unselfishness - for isn't that the basis of Brotherhood - and one devoted to the ^ universal ^ alleviation of man's current condition, regardless of race, belief or other outer marks. Her long and intense suffering and early death, her surrender of name, fortune and comforts were ample proof of her love of her fellow man. 

  We trust Max will read article on Social Service "Let Every Man Prove His Own Worth",

  There and in other places she makes the point that while ^ nobody can call themselves a Theosophist without engaging in some altruistic work ^, unless we master the essential ideas (and put them into practice) then our faith is likely to be sham, and being only skin deep it would not survive the rigours of karmic precipitation that such inner purification and outer good works draw out... we would soon abandon both, or make such bad mistakes in helping others that we are more than likely to cause harm not good.

  Deep discrimination and intuition are needed to REALLY help, with long term sustained success that eludes many of those would like to 'do good'. Much "aid" is useless and worse than that, now well recognised, because of just this lack of knowledge and insight. As HPB says it's a dreadful thing, but one has to know who to help and who cannot be, needing must be left in their misery. 


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