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Re: Ernest Wood's comments on Krishnaji

Aug 18, 2011 02:51 PM
by email2cal

-- In, MKR <mkr777@...> wrote:
>This is in spite to the fact that even in the famous letter
> summarizing the discussions Master KH had with Mahachohan, the emphasis has
> always been Universal Brotherhood and not the nuts and bolts of constitution
> and functioning of man and universe.

I am not sure the Masters and their proxies have always emphasized Universal Brotherhood as opposed to the nuts and bolts, etc. Blavatsky is an excellent case in point for just the opposite: It goes without saying she paid a lip service to Brotherhhod here and there, but just take a look at Isis or The Secret Doctrine: it's all about the nuts and bolts. (Ditto Mahatma Letters and numerous other theosophical writings.) If she were *really* concerned about Brotherhood you would see her writing instead extensively about how to help people (e.g., how to set up a charity, educate people about various things, etc.). It is only in 1908 that Annie Besant decided to bridge the glaring gap between the first object of the Th. Society and TS's real doings and founded Theosophical Order of Service. I don't know what the Order was doing during AB's lifetime, but when I joined it in 1990s I discovered that they as an organization were doing nothing. These days, real work toward brotherhood is being done by organizations other than the TS (e.g., the antiwar movement).


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