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Governments fail. End of story.

Aug 15, 2011 06:44 PM
by John E. Mead

One interesting item that everyone avoids, is that a Democracy in its pure form is Mob Rule.

Most systems elect representatives, and hopefully have things like a "Bill of Rights" (USA has one) that establish exactly what the Mob can NEVER do. That is all there is to protects individuals.

Representatives hopefully act rationally to protect the major concerns of their constituents. This means they actually need to compromise if anything is to ever be done. This is currently a lost understanding upon most people, as well as their representatives.

However, ultimately, the voters are correct only so far as they had a majority (current mob simple majority) to designate that person to represent all of them.

The corruption is the reason why all systems of government always fail. eventually.

Even a benevolent dictator, or monarchy, can be astoundingly good government. so, basically, I would argue that it is never the system, it is always the individuals that fail. Corruption, greed, power always wins. You just have to wait long enough. At that point, everything turns to a anarchy and is followed by a new totally different form of government or totally different governors.

The only new thing today, is that the Internet seems to have a potential to decrease the length of time spent in chaos.
It arguably also causes more organized corruption.

Again - Human Beings are social beings cursed with perpetual, inherent failures in their own social management.

It just may be genetic.

On 8/15/2011 8:52 PM, Cass Silva wrote:
Don't agree with that summation. Voters can be bought, cajoled, and even if their vote elects a Borgia does not mean that the voter got it right.

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Sent: Tuesday, 16 August 2011 3:53 AM
Subject: theos-talk Voter is always right in Democracy - Theosophical Election confirms it

In a democratic system, in the ultimate analysis, the voter is always right.

This was proven in the 2008 election of the International President.
Unsubstantiated allegations of ill health of the International President was
put forward by some of the well known theosophists as a reason why she
should not be re-elected. But the voters did not buy this argument since no
one could substantiate the allegation with indisputable independent facts
and the President was reelected for another term with resounding majority of

Reviewing the situation today after three years is interesting. The
President is healthy, traveling and lecturing and carrying on the duties
successfully. Those who tried to defeat her have disappeared from the scene
and one wonders how healthy they are today.

The moral of the story is simple. There is always the hidden hand in action
in the destiny of democratic organizations which guides them to their
welfare.  Once more this has been proven to be true.


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