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Publishing archival materials on Internert

Aug 14, 2011 05:10 PM
by MKR

Modern digital scanning technology has opened up the possibility of the
public viewing original documents of great interest and importance. Some
time ago, the Supreme Court of India initiated a move to scan the documents
relating to an Indian Patriot Bhagat Singh who was hanged on charges which
are now questioned. See the article in an Indian Newspaper at:


Very few of the original correspondence left behind by HPB, Olcott, Annie
Besant, Leadbeater, Arundale, & Jinarajadasa, which are in the archives of
TS in Adyar has seen the light of the day. Now is the great opportunity for
them to be scanned and made available on Internet for all of us see and
understand some the events that took place in and around TS and Theosophy.

We had some insight into the issues discussed in private correspondence
during the early days of establishment of Krotona in the USA. This was
solely due to the efforts and commitment of Joseph Ross and I am sure many
traditionalists are quite unhappy to see this.

I hope those indecision making positions do seriously consider scanning
original documentation so that you and I can read for ourselves to
appreciate various Historical events.


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