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Judge's Echoes of the Orient available as free PDF files

Aug 05, 2011 09:51 PM
by MKR

John Rau announced on the Theosophical Network the following good news:

Now all three volumes of William Quan Judge - ECHOES OF the ORIENT and the
Index are availabe for free in PDF form:


MKR Comments:

TS - Pasadena should be congratulated in making the publication available as
pdf files and are free.

This ensures preservation of the publication for all future as well as
widest possible distribution to students of theosophy, especially in the
developing countries. This is a welcome departure from the traditional MBA
type thinking of putting out pricey publications which most theosophists who
live on a month to month basis cannot afford to buy.

It is my hope that other theosophical publishers follow the lead of
TS-Pasadena and start putting theosophy hat when setting publishing policies
because the cause of theosophy is make its material available to as many of
our brothers and sisters who want to get hold of them and cost does not play
any part.


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