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Re: theos-talk Inner Founders' Guidance of TS and Theosophical Movement

Aug 03, 2011 07:08 PM
by Cass Silva

I doubt the Masters would even recognize theosophy today.

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>Subject: theos-talk Inner Founders' Guidance of TS and Theosophical Movement
>One question on which there have been much differences in opinion is whether
>the Adepts who are the real Founders of TS and launching of theosophical
>movement continue to be involved in the affairs. In the early days, the
>connection was through HPB and Olcott. Couple with this is the many letters
>received from them by many theosophists. The known last letter was received
>in 1900 by Annie Besant and it was nine years since HPB passed away.
>Ordinary members have no idea if there were subsequent letters from Them
>which have never been mentioned.
>The recent book by Joseph Ross - Krotona, Theosophy and Krishnamurti is the
>only account of the private correspondence between well known leaders and
>occultists during the years 1927-1931.
>The book is pricey and there are not many sources from which it can be
>purchased. The publishers, putting on the hat of MBAs have concentrated on
>selling the book rather than concentrating on disseminating very valuable
>and important information that the book contains. I have publicly argued for
>release of a pdf version on the Internet with a suggested donation of a
>couple of dollars which can go to the author. The incremental cost of
>publishing a pdf file is zero.
>The key fact that comes out of the book is the evidence that the Inner
>Founders are very much involved in the guiding the TS on critical issues.
>This is a very important contribution made by Joseph Ross and he should be
>congratulated and I am sure that there are many âold timersâ who may not be
>happy and wanted all the private correspondence never see the light of the
>The fact of continued guidance of the Inner Founders is very important for
>theosophists as well as the elected leaders. Even though TS is formally
>organized as a legal entity in various countries as well as India, the
>owners are still the Inner Founders. So before anyone thinks of meddling
>with its objects or its structure they have to keep this important fact in
>mind. In the past several attempts have been made to tinker with the objects
>as well as the structure and the correspondence shows that the Inner
>Founders have intervened to make their views clearly known. The past leaders
>have of course, immediately acceded to the views of Founders.
>We all saw the spectacle of what was attempted in the last International
>Election as well as the  unsuccessful attempt to seize control of the
>Presidency. If Rossâ book had been published five years ago, those âleadersâ
>who were active in the election events and the subsequent attempt to seize
>the control of Presidency would perhaps have wised up before acts they were
>engaged in. In recent days, we have not seen most them and they seems to
>have disappeared from the theosophical scene for one reason or another.
>Even with the continued decline in membership outside India, we have reason
>to be optimistic about the long time future of TS, simply because of the
>continued interest that the Inner Founders have in TS and Theosophical
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