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Ernest Wood's comments on Krishnaji

Jul 30, 2011 01:50 PM
by MKR

Many of us have seen many theosophists - well known and lesser known -
clinging to the nuts and bolts details of anthropogenesis or cosmogenesis
since many are comfortable with some systematic approach much like what a
teacher does in a class room. These have a great difficulty in understanding
the message of Krishnaji with the traditional theosophical background and
sometimes going as far as saying that what Krishnaji talked about is not
theosophy. This is in spite to the fact that even in the famous letter
summarizing the discussions Master KH had with Mahachohan, the emphasis has
always been Universal Brotherhood and not the nuts and bolts of constitution
and functioning of man and universe.

Ernest Wood, who was a long time theosophist as well as one of the
instructors of Krishnaji, made an interesting observation quoted below from
the recent book by Joseph Ross titled - Krotona, Theosophy and Krishnamurti.

Never would he pronounce upon another's teaching, but
always assert his own. As to a course of action, if you think
best, do it. If not, do not. Do not stifle your own best life.
Ceremonies are not necessary (how often have we heard this
from Dr. Besant and Bishop Leadbeater?)-but perhaps, if
we put the question specifically, all things are unnecessary.
Ceremonies are crutches-but we must decide whether we
need them or not. He will not decide for us. He refuses to
do so. But one thing was emphatic-there is no God outside

Those who are tied to rituals and other gimmicks may well benefit by
thinking and meditating on the above observation. Let us remember that Wood
is also one of the few theosophists who had direct contact with one of the


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