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H S Olcott - Brief Bio

Jul 21, 2011 05:43 AM
by MKR

I saw the brief bio of Col Olcott on the International TS website today. It
is good to see because many newbees to theosophy will get a picture of the
founder. The link to the bio is at the bottom of the message.

When I read the bio, I was reminded of the comment made by Master KH to
Sinnett about Olcott.

Colonel Olcott is doubtless "out of time  with the feelings of English
people" of both classes; but nevertheless more in time with us than either.
Him we can trust under all circumstances, and his faithful service is
pledged to us come well, come ill. My dear Brother, my voice is the echo
of impartial justice. Where can we find an equal devotion? He is one who
never questions, but obeys; who may make innumerable mistakes out of
excessive zeal but never is unwilling to repair his fault even at the cost
of the greatest self-humiliation; who esteems the sacrifice of comfort and
even life something to be cheerfully risked whenever necessary; who will
eat any food, or even go without; sleep on any bed, work in any place,
fraternise with any outcast, endure any privation for the cause ....

The key in the above comment is that Olcott can be trusted under ALL
circumstances. This is an ideal for anyone to look for since one will go
very far in life - spiritual, business or social - if one can be trusted in
all circumstances. It is extremely rare one runs into such persons in life.



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