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Re: What is a good book giving a comprehensive view of theosophy and TS?

Jul 16, 2011 11:14 AM
by Daniel

Of course, HPB's THE KEY TO THEOSOPHY is a very
valuable book, but it doesn't provide as comprehensive
of an overview of Theosophy as Sinnett's ESOTERIC BUDDHISM.

I still believe that if the student will first read
Sinnett's book for the overview then HPB's KEY can be
read and appreciated much better.  You can read one
chapter in Sinnett's book and then find the chapters
in THE KEY that expand and elucidate what Sinnett wrote.

Also I want to point out that Pablo Sender & Juliana Cesano
have done all Blavatsky students a service by providing
what amounts to an overview of THE SECRET DOCTRINE in
HPB's own words (mostly taken from the SD, with additional
relevant material taken from the KEY and HPB's Collected Writings.


One can first read Sinnett's work and then supplement
your reading by (1) using this material compiled by Pablo 
and Juliana and also (2) reading HPB's KEY.

LINKS to these 3 items are:

Hope this helps.

Blavatsky Study Center / Blavatsky Archives.

--- In, MKR <mkr777@...> wrote:
> What is a good book giving a comprehensive view of theosophy and TS
> Frequently newbees, do inquire as to what is a good book for a beginner to
> start with. Of course no one will suggest either Secret Doctrine or Isis
> Unveiled, even though many have found reading them fascinating and giving
> the reader a most comprehensive account.
> In todayâ??s Internet environment and terminology, FAQ is something everyone
> knows what it means. I have frequently recommended newbees to look at Key to
> Theosophy written by H P B in question and answer format which is easy read,
> yet quite comprehensive. In addition, it is available for download for free
> on Internet and even hard copies are inexpensive to buy, and many times used
> books can be picked up for a couple dollars. Even after several years of
> exposure to theosophical material as a non scholar, I go back and refer to
> Key from time to time.
> I would like feedback from other theosophists on this topic.
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