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Material in Joseph Rossâ book - Krotona, theosophy and Krishnamurti

Jul 16, 2011 06:09 AM
by MKR

Material in Joseph Rossâ book - Krotona, theosophy and Krishnamurti

The recently published book by Ross has a lot of very valuable unpublished
documents and correspondence. These are of very great value and shows
various developments that took place during the tumultuous years of 1927 to

While there were reasons not to make any of these public at that time, by
now all the individuals concerned are dead long time ago. Starting with the
Presidency of Annie Besant, there has been a steady tendency of keeping
materials and facts unnecessarily secret and confidential. This seems to be
common human failure in all walks of life with those who have the power to
classify anything as confidential or secret. The tradition started with
Besant has been followed by her successors.

Take for example the famous 1900 letter from Master KH. When first published
19 years later by C Jinarajadasa, much of the text was redacted on the basis
they were personal to Besant.

Even after she died, TS(Adyar) never chose to publish the full letter. When
published by Eclectic Theosophist in the USA in 1987, many were surprised to
find that the much of the redacted material had nothing to do personally
with Besant or anyone else.

One particular warning from the Adept - âMisleading secrecy has given the
death blow to numerous organizations.â stands out and obviously the Adept
foresaw unnecessary secrecy creeping into TS  administration at Adyar which
was followed by the leaders in various sections even in matters where
openness is the norm.

I think many of those who do not seem to appreciate what Ross had done to
publish some of the unpublished materials need to quickly meditate and think
impersonally and seriously with the Adeptâs warning message in focus. Then
they will see the real value of the material that Ross had put in his recent
book. Misleading secrecy cannot but hurt the mission of theosophy and TS.

Thankfully we have a forum such as this which is independent of all
organizations and its leaders, present and past. But for Internet, we would
not even be discussing this topic.

My 0.02.


PS: In the opinion of many theosophists, one can easily observe the
continued culture of secrecy even in ordinary matters in the United States.

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