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TS International President's comments on Judge Case

Jul 13, 2011 07:32 PM
by MKR

In July 2011 issue of the Theosophist, "On the Watch Tower" section, the
International President has commented on the Judge issue.

Here is the quote:

âRecently several letters have been addressed to the President asking that
justice be done to Mr Judge. About one and a quarter centuries have passed
since he was prominent among members. There are some who favour the actions
that he took, and others who do not; are we going to make a judgement on
behalf of all the members at this point? Is this really feasible? The
decision in favour or not, will be only on paper, and people will continue
to think of what is possible as they wish and see. The Society cannot
regulate this, and is not called upon to do so.

So, the best thing is to discriminate to the extent that our own
intelligence lets us, which may be right or wrong. What does it matter to
others? Since one cannot shape, or want to shape, what other people think,
the Theosophical Society cannot, after one hundred and thirty years, decide
what its members should see or think about past happenings.

There is the case of C. W. Leadbeater, who I think was much misunderstood
and maligned. Others may think he was a bad character. Will our thinking
change what he was? There are many people who, being human, had faults and
weaknesses. By finding out what exactly was the matter, it helps neither
them nor us. Our present attitude towards things is what matters, not the
conclusions we may make about what people in the past did.

So, let us act in the present and keep our conclusions about past
personalities and events tentative and in the back-ground. We can then move
forward from where we are, which is what we have to be truly concerned with.
What is the direction in which we are proceeding? Are we moving and if so,
is it towards a greater understanding of life?â

The full Watch Tower Notes can be accessed at:



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