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World Teacher - Jiddu Krishnamurti's Response

Jul 13, 2011 06:20 AM
by MKR

One of the historically very important and interesting material quoted in
the recent book - Krotona, Theosophy & Krishnamurti by Joseph Ross is an
account of Star Camp in Ojai by Ernest Wood.

Ernest Woodâs work for theosophy is legendary and he is one of the few who
had direct contact with one of the Adepts and hence a great deal of
credibility goes with his account.

While Krishnaji gave his Truth is a Pathless Land statement and severed
connections to all organizations, the unanswered question is was he the
World Teacher. There are those who say his mission failed. There are those
who say that he gave his message though in a way totally unexpected by most.
This difference of opinion is not going to go away and will be discussed for
decades into the future. However, here is a quote from the account by Ernest
Wood which presents some more info on this issue.

âAt the end of one of these question meetings he said with
great dignity and sorrow: "I wish you would be more friendly."
Most of those present took it to mean towards himself, but
on reflection I think it referred to the many and sometimes
hard questions relating to the activities of others. They came
perilously near to intolerance and the desire to set authority
against authority. Krishnaji is not to be used as a cudgel, even
to fight against a wrong or an error. Each man must decide
for himself what is right, using only the light within. Each
man is competent. It reminded me of Emerson's sayings that
imitation is suicide, and that each man has the key to his
own problems if he would but use it. Nothing could be more
dramatic than these periods of questioning, and among these
stood out one breathless minute when, apparently  hurt by
the hardness of the questions, Krishnaji drew himself up and
asked "Who do you think I am?"The climax to that dramatic
scene came when Krishnaji answered the question as to
whether he knew himself to be the World-Teacher with the
simple statement: "Yes, even more than that."â


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