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Inner Foundersâ guidance of TS(Adyar)

Jul 11, 2011 07:04 PM
by MKR

Inner Foundersâ guidance of  TS(Adyar)

Early days

In the early days of TS, several Adepts were closely involved day to day in
building up the TS as well as writing the theosophical classics. The two
Brothers who were responsible for the launch of TS clearly stated to A P
Sinnett that even chartering of lodges had to be approved by Them.

1900 Warning to Besant

The last overt communication from Master KH was a letter received by Annie
Besant in 1900, in which she was warned, among other things, how unnecessary
secrecy dealt a death blow to several organizations. This was nine years
after HPB passed away. After this letter, the Founders were not heard; but
they did not abandon TS (Adyar) as we could see their hand behind some of
the subsequent important matters.

American Section Secession

In 1895 the entire American Section seceded with Judgeâs leadership with
most of the lodges and members. But the Section was rebuilt as the second
largest section in the world. The seceded lodges almost have disappeared.
Even though there were other attempts to establish competing Theosophical
Societies, their success is quite limited. This seems to indicate the
spiritual power working behind TS (Adyar).

Attempts to tinker with the objects

>From time to time, there have been attempts to tinker with the Objects of
the TS. During the time of Besant, she was clearly told by the Founders that
they settled on the Objects as we know it after several fine tuning efforts
and was told not to meddle with it.

Moving publication of Theosophist to USA

During Besantâs time, she was convinced by some well known members that the
appearance of the Theosophist is not to the appealing standards of the West
and hence she was made to move the publication to the United States. Soon,
she was told by the Founders that the Theosophist is Their tool of
communication and should not be moved out of Adyar and she immediately
brought it back to Adyar.

Adyar and other centers

Theosophical Centers were established in Europe, United States and
Australia. Even during Besantâs days, it appears that there were talks of
moving the center of TS actions to the West. The Founders told her that the
primary center should always be Adyar and others can only be  secondary.

Attempt to take over the Adyar land by the Government

During the administration of Sri Ram, a serious attempt was made by the
State Government to take over a large swath of land from TS Estate. The
takeover was imminent and the Govt had the full power to do it. But abruptly
the move was ended. We need not go into the reasons why and how this result
was achieved.

Recent attempt to defeat the sitting President

A very smart and well coordinated serious attempt was made to defeat the
sitting President under the ruse that she is mentally and physically sick.
Fortunately at the time of the election, three independent physicians found
her fit and their certification was released to the members informing them
of the true facts. This was helped by the presence of Internet to
disseminate the facts to members. But for this, she would have been defeated
and who knows how it would have affected TS.

Recent attempt to seize the Presidency through disenfranchisement

An ultra secret attempt was initiated from the United States to
disenfranchise all members and transfer the power to the General Council
members to appoint the President. This would have ended with a President as
a puppet in the hands of a few GC members. This attempt was discovered in
time and with the help of Internet shocked members learnt about it. But for
this, we would have had disaster in the election of the President.

All of the above events simply illustrates the Founders have not abandoned
TS(Adyar). At critical junctures, the results indicate their hidden hand and
we can be sure it would continue in the future.

Rossâ book - Krotona 5

The recent book - Krotona 5 by Joseph Ross, has invaluable never before
published material of the events during the 1930s which clearly show the
influence of the Founders on critical matters in respect of TS(Adyar). We
should all be thankful for his labors in collecting, collating and
publishing the materials. Any serious student of Theosophy and TS will be
benefited in reading it. I will be posting a separate message on my feedback
on the book.

How I wish that the book was published five years ago. Had this been done,
and if those who actively planned and tried to defeat the sitting President
had read some of the materials in the book, would have, perhaps changed
their minds and election strategy.


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