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Colombo Buddhist Theosophical Society - History

Jul 10, 2011 05:20 PM
by MKR

Colombo Buddhist Theosophical Society

In 1880, when Olcott and Blavatsky visited Ceylon (renamed as Sri Lanka
now), they not only became Buddhists, but the Colombo Theosophical Society
was chartered and the original charter is personally signed by H P Blavatsky
and H S Olcott.

In the early days of TS, not only the Inner Founders took great personal
interest in the day to day matters, but even They had to approve before a
Branch is chartered. In the letter Number 4 to Sinnett, Master KH says:

âHaving formed, or cause to be formed a new branch, the Parent S. charters
it (which it cannot now do without our Sanction and signatures,) and then
usually retires behind the scenes, as you would say.â

The Buddhist educational movement in Ceylon is a classic case of the
recognition of the role education plays as well as the far reaching results
due to it. The impetus given by TS in Ceylon for the educational movement
demonstrates that the Founders were not content with dealing with occult
matters but on matters which affect the common man and woman. Brotherhood in
action is demonstrated in the good that TS brought to Ceylon. This should be
a wakeup call for theosophists why it is very important to get involved in
activities that affect the local population.

You can read the full history of Colombo Buddhist Theosophical Society at:



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