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Re: theos-talk H.P. Blavatsky Speaks....

Jul 08, 2011 11:53 PM
by Augoeides-222

The Panchen Lama is also caled the "Tashi Lama" and his residence is at Tashilhumpo. It used to be before the Chinese invaded Tibet that the Tashi Lama was the Spiritual Guru of the all Tibetans and represented one of the reflexive rays or emanations of of Avalokitesvara, the Dalai Lama during those time represented the "Administrative" reflex or emanation of the Avalokitesvara. As a consequence of the Chinese kidnapping the Tashi Lama the Dalai Lama at that time had to wear two hats and perform both roles due to the long term absence of the Tashi Lama. 

Alice Leighton Cleather and her co-author Basil Crump had personal auditions with the Tashi Lama Panchen Lobsang Tub-ten Cho-gyi Nyima the 6th Grand Lamaa of Tashi-lhum-po, installed in 1888 at Tashilhumpo Temple in Tibet. 

You can read on the plate following p.66 of Alice Cleathers Book Buddhism The Science of Life, 1928, Peking, China the special plate show the photo of the 6th Tashi Lama. Alice Cleather on the descriptive onion sheet say Blavatsky was given similar audience to the Tashi Lama in the 1860's. A special Title of the Tashi Lama is "Panchen Rimpoche'" meaning "Jewel of Wisdom or Knowledge". The differentiation of the two receptories of the two emanations that are received by the Tashi as spiritual Mentor of Tibet and the Dalai Lama as the Adminsitrative Mentor of Tibet has become obscured due to historical events. 

Sir Charles Bell and Dr. Sven Hedin have both written in their books of their great appreciation of thier reception of the present Tashi Lama (the 6th) . 

I hope Daniel can place "Buddhism the Science of Life" by Alice Leighton Cleaver and Basil Crump, 1928, Peking, chine in the wonderful Archive he has created. Cleather has much to tell in her book about the Secret Doctrine, K.H Lal Singh . Madame Blavatskys teachings and more. 

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Thanks for the link hpbspeaks. 

I noted in the writeup that HPB was mentioning about Panchen Lama and that 
he is a high initiate and knows about the Adepts who reside north of the 
Himalayan Range. There is no mention of Dalai Lama who is well known in the 
West. Very few know about Panchen Lama. 

Is there any discussion anywhere about the relative occult standing of Dalai 
Lama in HPB's writings or other literature? And this would interest some. 


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> H.P. Blavatsky wrote: 
> ----------------------------------------- 
> With all our many failures, at least we may claim to have placed before the 
> thinking public a logical, coherent, and philosophical scheme of man's 
> origin, destiny, and evolution â a scheme preeminent above all else for its 
> rigorous adherence to justice. And, that we may broaden our criterion of 
> truth, our research extends to an enquiry into the nature of the less known 
> forces, cosmic and psychical. In one word, our whole aim and desire are to 
> help, in at least some degree, toward arriving at correct scientific views 
> upon the nature of man, which carry with them the means of reconstructing 
> for the present generation the deductive metaphysical or transcendental 
> philosophy which alone is the firm, unshakable foundation of every religious 
> philosophy. 
> ------------------------------------------ 
> See: 
> H.P.B. Speaks 
> Daniel 
> Blavatsky Study Center / Blavatsky Archives 

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