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TS Pasadena Website

Jul 08, 2011 10:16 PM
by MKR

In the recent Newletter of the Australian Section of TS (Pasadena), I found
the following info:

"News from the USA: our Headquarters has a comprehensive website with a wide
variety of theosophical literature available in full text entirely free at ** <> The HQ website has
recently been upgraded to accommodate access from mobile phones and
hand-held devices. Many books are now available in Spanish and Russian
language translations online. Recent newsletters received from the American
section include *21st Century Path* which includes articles by Sarah
Dougherty on âThe Occult Pathâ, G de Purucker on the âSpring Equinoxâ and
information on their extensive activities in many centres around the
USA. *Theosophy
Northwest View* is one of the finest theosophical publications youâll find
anywhere on the net at:
significant fact is that they have upgraded their website to provide access
from mobile phones and hand-held devices, which should be welcomed and all
other theosophical websites may want to follow the lead.

Also, there is a mention of many Spanish and Russian language translations
available online along with a variety of theosophical literature.

The prime objective of TS is to disseminate information and not to run a
business publishing enterprise driven by business men and women whose focus
is on the money alone. This business bias, in the opinion of some of the
theosophists, has actually worked as stumbling blocks in dissemination of
theosophical doctrines and no one should be blamed if TS organizations are
not making much progress.

Let us congratulate TS Pasadena in their foresight to make valuable material
available on line.


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