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Re: theos-talk Leon Maurer - Passed away

Jul 07, 2011 03:28 AM
by M. Sufilight

This time, I got the news telepathically in advance one or two days ago.
One of his esoteric friends told me so. He is allright throwing off his lower shirts and going into the realms beyond. I threw him a thought in silence, and then went on with my work.

I do hope some persons would carry forward some of his ideas in the sense, that he was good at telling well-known scientists about theosophical aspects. And I already sense some are doing that.

- - -
A few days back there was a short article from the old theosophuical days reproduced by Daniel Caldwell on the fact, as the author of it said: Blavatsky very often contaced highly educated persons.

This is interesting, because today I find that a great number of theosophical groups are not doing this. Scientists often feel alone with their knowledge, and, some of them consider taking science into the spiritual and theosophical realm, because the knowledge is already there. (Dark matter in space, the aetheric plane, the biosonar of the dolphin, sounds dogs can hear but people not, colors beyond the visible human spectrum of sight etc. etc.) - I consider the fact, that great many Judges and members of the High Court in Madras joind in the old days. And retired officers of the military.

I would encourage you to contact scientists, and prefer the most wellknown of them. Also parapsychologists, and psychologists. E-mail them and ask if they would write an article for the Theosophist or similar, or whether they would lecture on a certain scientific subject with an eye on theosophy. Well it has been done in the past I know that, but why not do it some more. Some of them are not selfish and want money for it.

- - -

M. Sufilight

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  I just learnt that Leon Maurer, a long time theosophist who was a frequent
  participant here, passed away. We will try to get a short writeup on him and
  post it here. I am sure he will be looking forward to come back and continue
  to work for dissemination of theosophy for the betterment of Humanity.


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