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Eschatological prayer (Please, bless us all with thine cosmic destruction)

Jul 05, 2011 02:57 PM
by John E. Mead

A question I would like answered, and maybe even understand, is WHY(?) are so many people so glad to see the destruction of the world, or all human life as we know it?

People seem so eager/glad to see these great calamities/eschatologies fulfilled. It is apparently a great event to watch, and better entertainment than our current movies. Cool, it will actually be REAL rather than super-cool special-effects in 3-D. Can't wait. Tickets are cheap; free event you "have-to-see" to believe!! ("have-to-see" is not a choice. Belief will be guaranteed).

I have lived through so many end-of-the worlds, just in my own life-time, it is rather boring.

Theosophies, Integral Traditions, Spitituality, Sacred Science, the Future... they must have something better to offer, and even to do, than produce this stuff.

How about computer-network/energy-grid disruptions from a Coronal Mass Ejection. A world-wide-war among all the Religions...(?) God, save our souls from the Righteous.

Note: My grocery store updated there computer system last year. They actually had no way to order anything for the store without their new (flakey) computer system, literally. (BTW - connected to their Intranet via satellite). That rather bothered me.

Anyway. Find some realistic things to worry about, but try to help fix them. Better yet, try living in the "Now".

We are all in this together, today.
I kind of thought that was somewhere in the 3 Objects.... forming a universal brotherhood or something. I missed the part about propagating fear and eschatologies.

John E. M.

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