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Re: theos-talk Fw: [CosmicCookies] 110623

Jun 25, 2011 07:24 AM
by M. Sufilight

A view:
Too little emphasis on the difference between Mind Control, secterian and non-secterian, as well as dogmatic versus non-docmatic --- and the actual difference between those terms as given in various dictionaries, wikipedia, and the ignorance about those terms and their actual differences among New Age seekers and even theosophical seekers.

One could suggest that the purely scientific theories and hypothesises given by Tavistock Clinic (and similar) and the theories on "Flooding" (Pavlov's dogs) and the Manchurian Candidate, hypnosis theories  (as given today), and also Mind Control (subtle persuasion techniques used by Leaders in Sects) could be compared with theosophical views and teachings on the same.

M. Sufilight
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  Balderdash and flapdoodle!

  Chuck the Heretic

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  Any comments?

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  >Cosmic Cookie
  >The Solar System and her Earth
  >are rapidly approaching
  >the End of a great Cosmic Cycle.
  >The Matter oriented Human Race
  >will terminate its Third Density Existence
  >and a New Race of Mankind will prevail.
  >The New Age Man and Woman
  >will be detached from Material Possessions
  >and will be involved
  >in nurturing and living at peace with the Earth
  >after a possible Pole Shift.
  >New Land masses would arise
  >and existing ones will disappear.
  >Mankind on Earth will meet their Sky Brothers
  >of which not all are Friendly.
  >Some will arrive and try to dominate the World of Man.
  >The present New World Order is preparing their arrival.
  >Mother Earth will be a Fourth/Fifth Density Planet.
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