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Account of Removal of Krishnamurti from Adyar Estate of TS

Jun 13, 2011 10:34 PM
by MKR

One of the sad episodes in the history of TS is the removal of Krishnamurti
after he proclaimed âTruth is a Pathless Landâ and dissolved the Order of
the Star and severed connection with all organizations. I have heard off
hand comments that Arundale was responsible for this action. After this
incident, Krishnamurti never set foot on Adyar Estate until just before he

For the first time, Ross describes it in his latest book Krotona, Theosophy
and Krishnamurti. Here is his account:

âThe famous lecture in which Koos (J J van der Leeuw) supports Krishnamurti
in 1929 after Krishnamurti dissolved the Order of the Star in Ommen with the
words "Truth is a Pathless land," is entitled Revelation or Realisation: the
Conflict in 1heosophy. The result of this conflict caused George Arundale,
International President, to remove Krishnamurti from the grounds of Adyar.
Krishnamurti never returned to Adyar until December 1985, a few months
before his death on February 17,1986.â

The significance of the above episode is that in India, Krishnamurti was
always looked on as a wise spiritual leader and his disassociation with
Theosophical Society was not considered as a serious issue diminishing his
stature both in the minds of the public and members of the TS. That being
the case, his getting removed from Adyar TS Estate is beyond all

Over the years, starting with Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of
India, every leader of India sought his wise counsel when faced with serious
issues. When he died, India issued a special postal stamp and first day card
commemorate him.

Since the archival material that Joseph Ross deals with a period when a lot
of things were happening in Krotona and TS, we will have to wait to see rest
of his book to find what other gems of information are there.


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