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Re: theos-talk Does not theosophy make one think scientific?

Jun 10, 2011 09:20 AM
by M. Sufilight

Hmmm...I think all this talk about Science is a bit overated if you ask me...all words, not much action.
And "Seem" or "seemingly" expressions are not much better to digest to many readers.
And should politics or Marxism play a part in it without being called a most dangerous poison it self - or a walking lie or worse?

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I suggest that all readers consider the following:
Design and measuring and evaluation. And then a new Design. All according to time, place, people, circumstances, and the teaching involved.
And designs are related to pictograms and symbols, and they again are related to the Seven Keys to the mystery language (dead-letter key, moral key, allegorical key, metaphysical key, geometrical key, and to more used by the initiates. The last of them is the synthesis of the other six, by some called the spiritual or the divine key.)

Important. --- And theosophy as originally defined has nothing at all to do with secterian teaching. Each individual hold - freely - his or her own doctrines - and should not be kept down by certain self-proclaimed more or less "Charismatic or Secterian leaders" of any Society calling itself Theosophical or Esoterical, - not even if it calls itself a Forum or a Theosophical Forum or Network with certain self-proclaimed more or less "Charismatic or Secterian leaders"etc. etc. To promote something like that and then shout to the whole world, that one is basing ones teachings on the original Theosophical Society as given in 1875-1891 (or make it appear as if it is so) is a FALSE flag to throw into the face of any honest thinking person - and the original founders of it. And let those persons tell us whether such a FALSE flag will be a true cornerstone of altruism.

The Original Theosophical Soceity given in 1875-1891 was created so to be non-secterian and so that som leaders on behalf of the Society (should decide upon -- or) should tell others what to think or believe, and what not to think or believe.
Show me an example of just one Theosophical group or offshoot group which is non-Secterian today - without blind beliefs involved - and - please document your views. Can you do that?
I think that Silence in these matters is the same as consent.

Just a few views...

M. Sufilight

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  Well, if you were to judge by this list sometimes it would seem the 
  opposite is the case.

  Chuck the Heretic 

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  Exposure to the doctrines of theosophy will do away with blind beliefs. 
  this happens, there is no turning back, unless one becomes a 'sheep' as
  sometimes we may encounter.

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