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Re: theos-talk Anyone here studying the work of Vitvan?

May 26, 2011 06:17 AM
by Diwata Dimatinag

> Thanks. I am a very strong believer that all good things in life are free.
> On 'spiritual' matters if anyone wants money, my response is run, run,
> run.....



Oh well. Sad to say, in the real world, people need some money to keep even a 'spiritual' group going. You also have to experience the teachings before 'running away' from it. And, on the contrary, from personal experience, it appears that nothing is free, not even acquiring spiritual knowledge.

For the record, I'm not marketing any of the SNO (School of Natural Order) stuff they have there. I come from a poor country and I have to sacrifice meals to buy 'spiritual' books not presently as available as the 'free' pdf. I'm after people who can see value in the teachings of Vitvan. It is not apart from Theosophy. In fact, I'd say that it is Theosophy recast into modern English -- and, let me not forget to mention, it's practical Theosophy to a large extent.

For some reason, I feel that it has a great message for all of us. I could not let it sink into oblivion, so I thought I could find more interested people in Theosophical circles than in occult ones.

So, anyway, for those who are free from quick judgment, please look into his work.

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