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Can Playboy Magazine on-line point the way to Theosophical Organizations?

May 24, 2011 06:33 AM
by MKR

When, in the minds of many in the West, money is everything, a recent
article says:

'Sex sells, especially when it's free.'

Of course, sex has brought lot of problems to many everywhere!

Past issues of Playboy magazine - 1954 - 2007 are now online and free to
access. This coming in the midst of the business thinking that one should
make a buck on everything.

Today, when one needs to find information on any topic, you go to one of the
search engines and then access the information needed. Old way of going to
the book store or library and accessing information has been outmoded in
most of the cases. This is especially so with current young generation
growing up in Internet environment. online for the world to access.

Already, back early issues of The Theosophist are online for free at Thanks to the initiative of a handful of committed
theosophist, with no organizational financial help at all.

It is high time that TS with lots of money in the bank, and spending a lot
of money on non theosophical accounting work by highly paid accountants,
look at spending some money and get all the back issues of theosophical
magazines online for everyone to access for free.

I hope the decision makers in organizations do look into this project and
hurry up with action, rather than sitting and meditating and waiting for a
possible revelation.

Here is the link for the article on Playboy:



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