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Claim of Spiritual Headship of TS Sections and control of property and money

May 23, 2011 07:34 PM
by MKR

Claim of Spiritual Headship of TS Sections and control of property and money

In one of the blogs from England, there are interesting statements regarding
TS in England. These statements come about with the sale of Tekels Park
which was supposed to bring in 6million British Pounds and thus make the
English Section, the richest in the world.

As the readers are aware, each Section is fully autonomous so long as they
do not violate any rules of the International Society or the bylaws of the
National organization.

Here are some excerpts from the blog from England:

âEric McGough already has control of the Theosophical Society in Englandâs
assets. Having proclaimed himself Spiritual Head of the organisation with
the authority of the Masters, he has dispensed with the need to refer
matters to the National Council and they are reduced to the position of
gleaning information from him. This effectively reduces the Theosophical
Society in England to the status of a cult which follows the word of its
leader. He has a small inner circle of supporters but most members of the
National Council are too ashamed to admit what has happened and this has led
to the wall of silence.â

âThe way it works in the Theosophical Society in England England is that
nobody gets told anything and if you ask for information you are either
ignored or get abuse. At present nobody actually knows what the current
status of the Tekels Park sale is. Donât anybody dare ask how low the asking
price has fallen and is still falling. Mention the fayr of the Tekels Park
animals at a Theosophical Society in England meeting and just feel the
tension in the room.â

MKR: Comments:

We have discussed several times in the past, how there is a long history of
lack of transparency of the operation of the Sections, while professing a
democratic setup, but disclosing crumbs of unimportant information to the
membership. We all know how the leadership elections are handled and what we
see in England should not surprise anyone. Other sections may soon follow.

If anyone knows what is going on in England, they can keep everyone informed
by using Internet to disseminate information.

Looking at what is developing in England, I would not be surprised if we see
similar âSpiritual Heads claiming the authority of the Mastersâ show up in
other Sections, especially those which own very valuable real estate and
with lots of money in the Bank. Money and property are great tempting agents
and no one should be surprised even if well known âtheosophistsâ unknowingly
fall prey to it.

Only vigilance and activism on the part of members and theosophists can
protect the mission of theosophy and sitting on the sidelines and saying
Karma will take care of it will do no good. I invite those who hold the
later view to prove what their passivity has achieved for the growth of TS.

The following links provide the full text of the blogs about TS in England.




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