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Why the future of Theosophy may depend on (free) digital publishing?

May 23, 2011 06:26 AM
by MKR

For information publishing and distribution, Internet is a totally new
environment which provides unmatched opportunities for everyone.

Whenever anyone on the Internet looks for info on any topic, all they do is
go to a search engine like Google and look for it. The search engines have
indexed almost all the available info on the Internet.

It is here that making digital version of publications comes in. Once
digital version is available on Internet, they get indexed immediately, thus
making them available to anyone looking for any topic contained in it. The
info is available instantaneously without any intermediary entity and at
almost no cost. To understand this, one has to start thinking outside the

For long, many software programs have been available as freeware and users
tend to send in small sums to support them. There is no reason why anyone
who finds digital publication useful or helpful would not send in some
money. Also the money problem can be solved instantly if a fat cat finds the
heart to help and write a big check.

Let me give you an example of how public availability of a digital
publication can be very effective. Recently I ran into two volume
publication of collected articles of the well known author and lecturer,
Geoffrey Hodson. Hodson is a prolific writer and lecturer and his writings
use down to earth style without using complex terminology only scholars

The publication is in two volumes and runs to 1900 plus pages. The
publication was put together by John and Elizabeth Sell. They cover a very
wide range of topics. I am sure very few theosophists have either seen the
publication or own a copy in their book shelf. But due to voluminous nature
of the materials, a searchable digital version is the way to go if we want
theosophical students, present and future have access to it.

If for example some one is searching on words like âdreamsâ or âangelsâ, the
search engines will bring up what he wrote on them and this would, in turn
lead a reader to explore other topics from theosophical point of view. The
potential benefit from such leads is priceless at a time when membership
around the world is dwindling. (This is a hot potato you will never see any
theosophical leader talk about.)

Is there anyone in decision making authority ready to wake up and see the
untapped potential to disseminate theosophical doctrines to the world?


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