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Publication from Quest Books - Voice of Silence

May 22, 2011 08:02 AM
by MKR

Quest Books has done it again. It has published The Mongolian translation of
Blavatskyâs The Voice of the Silence at a price of $12.95 and of course you
may have to pay for shipping. While it is a valuable addition to
theosophical literature, who is going to read it? Only students of theosopy
who know what Voice of Silence is.

One is wondering why an electronic version is not made available for a small
donation or even free.

It is high time that dedicated non-business oriented theosophists make
publishing decisions so that the prime motivation will be to make important
materials accessible to theosophical students world-wide, and not to make a

If the membership in the West is languishing, is it any wonder when it
appears business and profit considerations drive publishing activities?

Many theosophical students are still waiting for the electronic version of
the pricey SD Commentaries. Any one has heard any developments on this???


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