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Re: theos-talk Theosophy (via a Jungian seed) contributions

May 22, 2011 07:44 AM
by MKR

Long time ago, I met an older member of TS, who had helped many in
addressing addiction problems, told me that one can get over most of the
addictions if there is a determination in the individual to quit.

Frequently we have seen how smokers after some serious illness quit smoking
cold due to fear of death.

The most interesting episode I have read about is a well known singer who
quit alcohol addiction because he new he cannot drink if he is dead! He has
funded a lot of money for  programs to help other addicts.

I think it is the duty of every human being to do what little one can to
relieve suffering and one will be surprised some times how effective such
help can be. It also helps us to grow with wisdom at the same time; all it
needs is for one to Try! The word 'TRY" is a little great secret.

Brotherhood/sisterhood in action is what is badly needed today.


On Sun, May 22, 2011 at 1:17 AM, John E. Mead <> wrote:

> I found the reference to Jung and AA at
> <
> >
> So, the idea is more or less that inner-experience of "god" that is in
> "each of use" can be captured, encouraged and used to transform one's self.
> I think that the key "AA" approach (dynamical method) is to believe in a
> higher power first (an atheist can use Science and Logic as a higher
> power?) which then allows one to seek help "from", "through" and
> "within" as an Atman approach to self-identity and self-realization
> from an addiction. Christian "Faith" (not my favorite flavor of
> spiritual approach) behaves similarly, in a sense.
> There is some concepts that AA teaches people to find god "outside"
> themselves. However, one has to understand that the program is built to
> apply to everyone, such as very non-spiritual people, and somehow "boot"
> them into a spiritual existence. It is definitely exoteric on the
> surface. However the AA members I have talked to (not average AA
> members) state that it can lead to an esoteric-like existence. New Age
> books have been written to guide one to your inner power/atman by a
> 12-step-like program..... I remember those. I think that is what
> several people saw happen.
> One can only halt drug relapse by understanding the world they live in
> (MHO). Flip burgers, empty trash, all at minimum wage for a boss who
> makes a lot of money... Or, sell drugs and make lots of money.
> What about stress? Why do people over eat, smoke, drink etc. They are
> coping responses to the outside world (or, often are). That would put
> stress as the number 1 killer in society.
> peace

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